Bluetooth sleeping eye mask

Want to take your …

☑ Meditation
☑ Relaxation and
☑ Positive thinking

To a whole new level (more impact)?

A bluetooth sleeping eye mask is for you!

If you want listening to positive affirmations and/or relaxation audios like these [click here] (for an example) or these [click here] (for an example) to have more impact (a deeper experience) then you need to listen to them using headphones.

In an ideal world you would listen to them throughout the night, whilst you sleep, also. This would give you the absolute maximum immersion effect possible, because your mind will absorb the positive or relaxing messages througout the night more effectively.

There are problems with doing this with regular headphones, however.

Wires can get tangled up throughout the night, your headphones can fall off creating great physical discomfort, you can break your headphones, your headphones can disturb others near you (like your other half).

This is what a bluetooth sleeping eye mask is for!
(you might remember them from that time you went on holiday)!

What is a bluetooth sleeping eye mask?

A bluetooth sleeping eye mask is a device that allows you to play any kinds of audio via bluetooth (bluetooth version 5.0 or below), from your smartphone wirelessly.

Whilst you sleep.

It fits snuggly and comfortably around your head effectively blocking everything else out, so your sleep is completely undisturbed by things around you.

It also does not disturb others near you, especially your other half.
It’s also a great way to get a really good nights sleep!

Since it can play any kinds of soothing sounds you like in the background.
It’s totally up to you!

I use it to listen to one of these [click here] for an hour before bedtime.

But if you do use it throughout the night you will absorb the positive messages with much more impact!

But it’s probably too complicated for me to setup and use?! I hear you cry …

Well, let me show you first-hand exactly how easy it is to setup and configure!
With a step-by-step guide, so you can see for yourself 🙂

This is the one I use myself.
I tested several of them, this is the one I settled on, and still use 🙂

Step 1) Unboxing

The box :

The mask :

The accessories it comes with :

Step 2) charging.

Charge via usb, for about 3 hours (connect the included usb lead to either your computer or wall-socket adapter).

Step 3) pair your smart-phone and mask via bluetooth.

Precise methods may vary according to which phone/operating system you use, however on mine (android 9.0) it’s as simple as press and hold the power button (the one in the middle), and click pair in the phone bluetooth setting.

Now that you’re connected via bluetooth, load the desired audio, and hit play on your smart-phone

Personally I like to use it to listen to one of these [CLICK HERE] For an hour or so before bedtime. It’s really relaxing and helps me to get a really good nights sleep, especially if i’ve had a really stressfull day.

But you can use it in any way you like! (an hour in the morning, maybe?) 🙂

And enjoy, waking up feeling positive and fresh again!

It’s as simple as that!

It’s currently on sale at £17.99 (at time of writing) from It’s a complete bargain considering what it can do for you, and for your mental health, in more ways than one! (including):

☑ Meditation
☑ Relaxation
☑ Positive thinking and …

☑ Getting a great nights sleep!

It’s 100% guaranteed, for 30 days. So if it doesn’t work for you, in anyway whatsoever you can easily get a full 100% no quibble refund from (in a few easy steps!)

It’s highly rated, but not just by me … as you can see from the screen capture below 🙂 4 out of 5 stars, isn’t bad!

All the positive customer reviews (and the price) were the main reason I chose this one over the others (that I tested) and I was NOT dissapointed! It does it’s job, and it does it well! So at it’s current sale price of just £17.99 what’s NOT to like?

Sound good?

You won’t regret it (your mind will thank you)!

And yes, we get a small commission fee from amazon for every sale made through this webpage.