How does it work

Part 1) The soothing sounds of mother nature, be it ocean waves, gentle rain, or dawn chorus.

Part 2) The spoken word.
Audible spoken positive affirmations, subtly playing in the background (at a low volume), also.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are powerful, positive statements that aim to direct your conscious and subconscious mind, challenging previously held unhealthy and negative thinking patterns. When they are spoken wIth conviction, they can alter your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviour. When used intentionally to create change, they can help project you into your achievements.

Counteracting previously held negative belief systems!

Part 3) Listen to any of these [CLICK HERE] affirmation sessions that you desire, however way you like.

Personally however,

I prefer to listen to them wIth one of these – [CLICK HERE] (a bluetooth sleeping eye mask), throughout the night (via my smartphone), because it’s the most effective, strongest and easiest way of doing it, so I enjoy waking up feeling positve and fresh again 🙂

It’s like drifting off to the soothing sounds of mother nature, with positive affirmations (suggestions) subtly playing in the background, whilst you sleep!

And now, you can too 🙂

to get started right away!