So there I was, feeling down and depressed about my current mental health sItuation (schizophrenia), and Its general tiresome effects on me, and then I realized something, I realized what Its core problem is/was!

Put simply, It creates a lot of tiresome and negative thinking.
That can be a real drag, in more ways than one!

Sometimes It’s very hard to shift …

Then I realized. many people in this day and age,
has similar (in some form or other) problems also!

It sometimes was even affecting me during my sleep too 🙁
And thus, Sleepnotics.com was born!

The most effective, and practically effortless way of listening to (and digesting) posItive affirmations, designed to practically wipe-out previously held negative thinking, whilst you sleep!

made out of necessity for me, and people with similar problems.
And It’s free also. #woop

So now anyone can wake up feeling fresh and positive,
And enjoy, your new sense of well-being!