So there I was, feeling down and depressed, often,
Because of mental health related issues.

Depression in itself can be a real drag, in more ways than one!
It was sometimes even affecting me during my sleep too 🙁

And it can be very hard to shift …
But what is depression?

From my own experience, it’s essentially, negative thinking
About self or current situation.

Then I realized. many people in this day and age,
has similar (in some form or other) problems also!

And thus, Sleepnotics.com was born!

The most effective, and practically effortless way of using tech to listen to (and digest) positive affirmations, designed to practically wipe-out previously held negative thinking, whilst you sleep!

made out of necessity for me, and people with similar problems!

So now anyone can wake up feeling fresh and positive,
And enjoy, your new sense of well-being!