Effortlessly destroy negative thinking

And feel posItive and fresh again!

Many people in this day and age (particularly wIth covid) suffer from a condItion known as negative thinking in some form or other, be It a negative mental attItude (It’s going to go horribly wrong!) or a negative self image (I don’t like being ginger), or even imposter syndrome (I don’t deserve It, I’m not worthy) the effects of which can sometimes be devastating!

And It can be very hard to shift (depending on sItuation) …

Unfortunately negative self beliefs = negative being.
Believing is being, I think therefore I am.

Sound familiar?

Well worry not, because Sleepnotics is here to help!

What is Sleepnotics?

Sleepnotics is an effortless and easy way of listening to (and digesting) spoken posItive affirmations (suggestive encouragement) whilst you sleep, wIthout any disturbance or inconvenience so when you wake up in the morning, you should be in a much more powerful and posItive frame of mind.

It’s like hearing over and over and over again (effortlessly) that you are awesome! If you hear it enough times, you are more likely to believe it!

Wouldn’t that feel great?
Well now you can! thanks to sleepnotics!

How does it work?

to find out.


to get started right away!

How do I know?

Because i’ve been there …